How do I find my IP?
You can find your IP by going to and copying your IPv4 address.

If your plan on running your bot on a server, make sure you get the servers IP and not your home IP.

What recommendations do you have to get the fastest speeds?

If your buying US proxies, you should be in the US or be using a server in the US as it will yield better speeds than a server in the Europe/Asia/South America. Additionally running a 1:1 proxy to task ratio will yield better speeds than running 1 proxy on multiple tasks at once.

What servers do you recommend? 

AWS, Google Cloud, and Vultr are all good server providers.

How can I avoid getting soft banned on sites?

We recommend using a 1:1 proxy to task ratio, running a refresh delay of over 1000ms (If your bot doesn't let you change your refresh delay ignore this), and not starting your tasks until the shoe is about to release (5 minutes before for Footsites, 1 minute before for Shopify).

What time will my proxies be sent out? 

Proxy orders typically close around 9:00 PM EST and are usually sent out around 10:00 PM EST unless there is a US release before then.